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Tierra Volcán Cigars


The world’s most memorable cigar experience works in concert with Mombacho’s vision to produce the world’s most memorable boutique cigar. One cannot exist without the other. It is this vision that drives Master Blender Claudio Sgroi and his team of rollers at Casa Mombacho to craft products of the highest caliber, made completely by hand “Totalmente a Mano”. From the Clasico, to the Corto, the entire Tierra Volcán Family of products are in a class all alone.


The world of handmade cigars as we know it is almost two hundred years old. It is one of the few luxury products that does not improve with technology. At its essence, a cigar experience is a romantic ritual from days gone by where the cutting, lighting and enjoyment of a cigar is a refined pleasure, easily customizable to occasional indulgers and regular enthusiasts alike. This is the Tierra Volcán difference. Mombacho Cigars S.A. is not a company catering solely to seasoned cigar smokers, but rather it purveys unique experiences to those who revel in those special moments in life.

Tierra Volcán Cigars was born with a dedication to customer service, maintaining an approachable luxury product and purveying these unique experiences. A passionate belief that the only way to achieve this was to go back to the age old custom of making cigars, Totalmente a Mano, Spanish for “totally by hand”.


Nestled at the foot of the Volcano Mombacho, in the colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua, sits Casa Mombacho, where a visit will show you the foundation of the Tierra Volcán experience. It’s a friendly, hospitable place where employees are like family and where strangers quickly become friends. All are invited in to tour the facilities and share the exquisite, creamy-smooth magic of a Tierra Volcán Cigar. Such a laid back, comfortable environment lulls one into a state of deep relaxation and slows time to a near standstill, where it is shared with friends or family, or appreciated in peaceful solitude.

Nicaragua is blessed with volcanic soil. Any member of our passionate cigar team will tell you that this is what gives the tobacco a particular taste, aroma and strength that is unique to its country of origin. This is one of the key reasons we believe the future of cigars lies in this Central American country. With painstakingly selected tobacco, the leaves that comprise the Tierra Volcán blend embody the aroma, balance and persistency that represent our strict blending philosophy – one that produces an incredibly smooth, flavorful cigar experience.

Corto - 4 x 50 - MSRP $7.95
Clasico - 5 1/2 x 50 - MSRP $8.95
Fino - 6 x 44 - MSRP $9.25
Grande - 6 1/4 x 54 - MSRP $9.95

1183 Chesapeake Ave.
Columbus, OH  43212
(844) NHCDAN1
(844) 642-3261
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