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The Online Humidor

I believe that we have reached a new era in cigar manufacturing where some domestic brands are rivaling or surpassing the infamous Cuban quality and flavor.

These are the cigars that I smoke daily. It is my intent to bring them to you!
For me, there is nothing like sitting around a cigar store with a bunch of fellow aficianados, enjoying a conversation or simply relaxing with our latest find. But there are many of us who don’t have the opportunity or the time to frequent such a store. We frequent websites looking for the latest and greatest sticks, comparing information that seems to contradict itself from one site to another, and hope to find some in stock to order.
I want to improve on that experience by providing information directly from the cigar manufacturers, and by storing and shipping your cigars in a way that is worthy of the quality of cigars now available. It is time for a new era in boutique online ordering to rival the new era of cigars now available.
Thus, NewHavanaCigars.com is born. Named for cigars that represent the “New Havana”, ones that bring back the glory years of Old Havana.
We will continue to update this site to cater to the needs of today's aficianado.

Our storage and shipping facility includes a state of the art walk-in humidor that every cigar sold is stored in. There will be no 'warehousing' of any of our cigars. This business was created to mimic your local tobacconist shop - but to make those same, fresh cigars available to anyone via delivery. And so you can have access to some brands you may have not been able to find locally.

• Properly Humidified Cigars

• Delivered Fresh with innovative shipping

• Boutique Cigars

• Latest information direct from manufacturers

• Exclusive Promotions

1183 Chesapeake Ave.
Columbus, OH  43212
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[email protected]
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