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Name: New Havana Cigars 
Business:Online Tobacconist
Location:Columbus, OH
Hobbies:Smoking Cigars, Talking about Cigars, Providing Quality Cigars to our clients!
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Because we feel a new era in cigar manufacturing has arrived - one where some domestic brands are rivaling or surpassing the famous Cuban quality and flavor. These are the cigars that we smoke daily. These are the cigars that we bring to you!
We believe there is nothing like sitting around a cigar store with a bunch of fellow aficionados, enjoying a conversation or simply relaxing with our latest finds. But there are many of us who don't have the opportunity or the time to frequent such stores or simply wish to supplement our buying pleasures with new cigars to enjoy at home or with friends. 

We promise to make that experience as rewarding as visiting the best local tobacconist in your area, by storing and shipping your cigars in a way that is worthy of the quality of cigars now available - by providing detailed product information directly from the cigar manufacturers and by finding small batch cigars that are the best representation of their tobacco's origins.  If the soil is what gives the tobacco leaves a distinct flavor, so does the cigar manufacturer give each cigar a blend and quality worthy of that tobacco. 

It is time for a new era in online ordering to rival the new era of cigars now available.

1183 Chesapeake Ave.
Columbus, OH  43212
(844) NHCDAN1
(844) 642-3261
[email protected]
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