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At NewHavanaCigars.com, we take pride in delivering your cigars as fresh as possible. We want you to receive your cigars and imagine that you just returned from the cigar shop! To facilitate this, we make sure that your cigars are perfectly controlled in our Humidor before they are shipped, and then we go one step further and seal your cigars with a properly sized Boveda® included, for perfect 2-way humidity control while they are en route to you.

With normal shipping, cigars are subjected to varying atmospheric conditions (changes in both temperature and humidity) that result in the loss of essential oils and peak flavor. By using Boveda's® 2-way humidity control, we help to eliminate any moisture fluctuations while being shipped and the cigars' essential oils and flavor can be maintained at their peak - just as they are maintained in our controlled humidor. You will experience your cigars the way they were meant —fully balanced and flavorful, without any harshness - delivered as fresh as visiting your local tobacconist.

2-Way humidity control prevents loss of essential oils and flavor!

Boveda® is the world’s first and only precise 2-way humidity control product. All other humidification products only work “one-way”—by emitting moisture into the air whether it’s needed or not. This causes fluctuations in humidity—subjecting your cigars to a damaging drying and re-moistening process. It’s this process that causes cigars to lose their essential oils and decrease in quality—and flavor.

2-way humidity control is not just a "humidifier," like outdated conventional systems are. Instead, 2-way represents true humidity control and works by continually responding and adjusting to temperature changes and to the outside environment by either adding or removing water-vapor—as needed—to maintain a constant and perfect level of humidity for your cigars. This 2-way climate control eliminates any fluctuation in moisture-content. And eliminating moisture fluctuations means your cigars won’t lose any oils—or flavor—guaranteeing you a fully balanced and flavorful cigar.

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